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Products for the identification and marking

of emergency vehicles

Quality and perfection made in Germany | Firefighting and rescue service vehicles | Coloration and special markings

Reflective chevron marking sets for emergency vehicles

Warning markings on the rear of emergency/special vehicles are always associated with relatively high expense.

We offer prefabricated chevron marking kits for common vehicle types for simple, precise-fit application, even by non-professionals. Sets for car, van or truck are already fully prefabricated, so that they can be attached  in a stress-relieved, impactfree manner.

Good arguments in favour of our sets: Longer life, more harmonious optical integration in the vehicle design and better cost-effectiveness thanks to lower effort. On request, the sets can also be delivered in red/white.

Prismatic rear marking chevrons

for emergency vehicles

By fitting your vehicles with chevron markings, you increase the safety of your vehicles, emergency task force members and other road users. More than one third of all accidents occur in poor visibility and at night.

The warning marking does not necessarily have to be a „foreign body“ or a mere annoying necessity on the vehicle; with effective contour marking in accordance with ECE 104, it can be integrated in the overall vehicle  graphics or livery and effectively help to increase the daytime and night-time visibility of emergency vehicles.

There are many different retro-reflective and nonreflective chevron markings for trucks, vans, fire service vehicles, rescue service vehicles, municipal vehicles, containers, and so on.
It is always necessary to make sure that the right chevron marking film is used for the particular application case – we would be happy to help you to make the right choice.

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Car area lamination sets

Information and practical examples

With the design112 car area lamination sets, you can turn a conventional basic vehicle into an emergency vehicle with an appealing design quickly and at an attractive price. The design112 car area lamination  sets are a revolution in the car wrapping industry. Perfect results are achieved quickly and without the need for damaging cutting on the paintwork.

Our car area lamination sets are tailored perfectly to the specific vehicle model and fit exactly to the vehicle‘s contours and swage lines. To this end, the elements of the individual vehicles are digitalised three-  dimensionally in a complex procedure. The result: perfectly prefabricated car area lamination sets, which can be applied in a stress-relieved, impact-free manner.

Response vehicles

Prefabricated original design112 car area lamination sets with a perfect fit for simple and costeffective recolouring of response vehicles and emergency doctor‘s cars. Available in a range of colour and film variants.

Crew / command cars

Our prefabricated, perfectly fitting car area lamination sets can also be supplied for many van types. A wide range is available for the most common vehicle models in this class.

Driver‘s cab

Prefabricated, perfectly fitting car area lamination sets are also available for numerous truck and van driver‘s cabs and crew cabs.

We develop Design and Safety concepts

for your vehicle fleet

Together in a joint venture, we can develop individual concepts for the uniform design of your vehicle fleet. In addition to design aspects, we also therefore especially consider those relating to standards and safety aspects.

A CI manual is created at the end of the process in which all areas relating to the signage and marking of your vehicle fleet are clearly defined. This documentation provide you with ideal support for new procurements and thereby ensures a uniform, clear image for your company.

You can find numerous examples of design developments here which have already been concluded.

We would be pleased to provide you with a customised quotation to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

About us

Quality and perfection for over 30 years

Our company philosophy can be summed up in two words: „Uncompromising quality“. We systematically aim to provide the highest, technically feasible level of quality.

This is reflected in our choice of materials and in the organisation of our processes. We have set up and documented our processes within the framework of certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV  Rheinland. For this reason, we advise our customers in advance with regard to material and design, and ensure a high and reliable level of process quality during the entire project.

You should feel at ease and know you are in good hands - from the initial meeting right through to final acceptance. Our car wrappings and letterings all offer the same high quality standard.

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